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ACE – Association des Cinémathèques

Welcome to the new ACE Community Platform!

  • A platform on which staff of ACE member institutions can meet to:
  • Start discussions on topics relevant to their field of work​
  • Exchange ideas with colleagues​
  • Ask for and give advice​
  • Let others know about things happening in their institutions or elsewhere that might be of relevance to others​
  • Plan joint initiatives​
  • And more…​

The ACE Community platform is meant for ALL people working in ACE member institutions, so please encourage your teams to sign up and help to make the platform a lively and inclusive place for our whole community! The ACE community platform was created on Zulip, a chat program similar to Slack (for those familiar with it).

Some streams currently running are Analog Technology & Knowledge Transfer, Databases & Cataloguing, and Funding Opportunities and Program Calls, among many more!

You need an invitation to join this organization.